Welcome Aboard

We just finished casting and don’t mean to boast,
But we’ve seen some fine candidates and just had to post,
A thank you to all but especially most
To our volunteer crew who so graciously host
Actors and singers and dancers engrossed
In showing that they’re willing to do their utmost
To make our version of Seussical unique coast to coast.
Won’t you all join us in raising a toast?

A round of applause for the audition team this year for making auditions so smooth and fun and a round of applause for all of you. Congratulations! The auditions decisions were hard and you all were an impressive group! It is an honor that you were cast, we had to make some extremely tough cuts this year.

We have finally reached all of you and can send this email. Welcome aboard! Our first rehearsal is Sunday October 23, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Dragonfly Theater, R.J. Grey, Jr H.S., Charter Road, Acton, MA (where you auditioned). It is an orientation for all cast and then we will need the adult cast members and parents as we will be discussing backstage tasks and volunteer opportunities. If you want to check out descriptions in advance, go here: http://opendoortheater.org/volunteer/desc/

The cast will learn some music as well as be measured for costumes and collect scripts for lead roles.

If you are unable to make it to this or any other rehearsal, please fill out the on line absence form here: http://www.opendoortheater.org/contact/?absences=selected

While you are at it, check out our website, it is chock full of useful information including the on-line sign up for production tasks which will not be live until after rehearsal Sunday, directions to rehearsal locations, contact information for production team and will have the most up to date calendar available. Also, if you want to join our Facebook group, send a request to Seussical – Open Door Theater 2017. We should be able to publish a calendar through the end of the year on our website and distribute them at rehearsal Sunday, but it is subject to change as we are checking conflicts.

If you do not wish your name and role to appear on a published cast list, please email us by 10/23 as we will be publishing the cast list then as well.

Welcome to the jungle! Or the Tinyiest planet in the sky, depending on how you roll…

Dawn Gomez, Sam Gould, Jill Shaya, Producers
Open Door Theater

Seussical 2017

Open Door Theater has very big news
Auditions for Cat in the Hat and some Whos
We certainly don’t want to confuse all of yous
So here’s the important info to use
The show’s early this year
But never you fear
Our team has already
Kicked into high gear.
If you don’t like to act, it’s a well known fact,
There are plenty of things to do in the back.
Come join the fun.
We’ve only just begun.
Check out the website.
Don’t walk but run!

We hope you’ll join us for our 2017 production of Seussical. Auditions are October 17 & 19, 2016, and performances are February 3-12, 2017. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm-9pm, and Sundays, 2-5pm. Leads may be called early or late to rehearsal for additional work, details TBD.

character list and a show synopsis are available.